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Who We Are

As a fast growing importer, distributor, and product integration solutions provider, TekFX acts as the vital bridge between manufacturers and end buyers, matching services and products to market needs. By employing a highly selective process for vetting products, we consistently deliver products with a winning combination of value, quality, and support.

Market trends drive our product offerings and service strategy. TekFX brings a breadth and depth of capabilities in support of manufacturers and buyers alike, leveraging our talented staff and efficient international and local logistics operations. For manufacturers, we provide product feature/benefit analysis, regulatory compliance, technical design review, marketing analysis, trade show representation, and sales training.  For buyers, we provide integration/project analysis, solutions design, technical support and service. These and other value-add activities are in addition to our core product distribution services.

With our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and our passion for excellence in service, TekFX demonstrates to our suppliers and customers alike that they have chosen the right trading partner.

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